Have you ever wondered why some players, even pros, place their putter-head in front of their ball when aiming the putt?  They do this in an attempt to overcome a problem that has been described as "visual noise."  It occurs when a golf ball and putter-head have nothing visually in common.  Placing the putter in front of the ball makes it easier to aim the putter without the presence of a ball.

GAIM has overcome this simple aesthetic issue.  Our path marks help relieve the tension by eliminating the psychological need to putt on a perfectly straight line.  The axis marks make certain that the putter-face is squared to the intended target, particularly for those who use a black-lined ball.

Our G-360 is matte black, and with the Axis/Path alignment, it visually unites the club with the presence of a ball.

Our new design, the A-365, is white like a golf ball, and the alignment system is black to match a black-lined ball. This new combination virtually eliminates all visual noise!