Dr. Craig Farnsworth's pupils have over 500 PGA Tour wins.  "This is the only putter I've ever endorsed."

Dr. Craig Farnsworth

"The Putt Doctor"

See what 10-time PGA Tour winner, Mark McCumber, has to say about the GAIM G-360.

Watch a GAIM putting tip with

30-year PGA Pro Mark McCumber and Dr. Craig Farnsworth

Read what former PGA Tour Pro. Greg Powers says


Golf Illustrated tester

This putter has a great feel in your hands and a simplicity in lining up the putt, which increases my confidence as I stroke the ball towards the cup.  This is an exceptional product.


Golf Illustrated tester

This is an excellent tool to help reduce your putts through superior overall alignment. Distance control is phenomenal.  I would recommend this putter because of my level of success with it right away.  I LOVE this putter! 


Golf Illustrated tester

This is a terrific product. The overall feel is nice, the putter gives great feedback, and the many technical features are excellent. I WILL recommend this putter to other golfers, mostly because it is so helpful for putt alignment.  The feature that lets you pick your ball up out of the cup is very nice.  Other golfers see it and immediately wish they had one!


Golf Illustrated tester

This putter has good balance and feel, and it sets up well from the get-go.  The ball rolled very well.  I would highly recommend it to all golfers, including women!