Both our G-360 and A-365 putters are high moment of inertia (M.O.I.) putters.  Moment of Inertia is just a fancy phrase for heel/toe weighting and is a way of gauging a putter's stability & forgiveness on off-centered hits.

Placing more mass in the heel and toe portions of our putters raises M.O.I., and by raising the M.O.I., you get a larger "sweet spot".  Notice that there is a large void in the center of our putters that produces a natural heel/toe weight system.

By removing the unnecessary material, over 87% of the total mass has been reallocated into the heel and toe portions of our putters.  87% is an extremely high percentage of heel/toe weighting.  M.O.I is maximized in our putters, which is often the difference between a near miss and a made putt.

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