Read what Veteran Lifetime Member of the PGA Tour Greg Powers has to say...

"The putter of note in my bag is the Gaim A-365. This is the best putter that I have ever put in my hands. I love the feel, the weight, the alignment system, & the distance control. The beauty of the A-365 is that there is no visual noise, which enables you to make the stroke you're capable of making."

"In putting, confidence is everything. The A-365 instills so much confidence in all aspects of what is important to make a putt. Too bad I'm not still playing on the tour because I would be using this putter, and people would be seeing it.  When I do play now, the rest of my group sees this putter and ends up playing with it the rest of the round."

Greg's Story

Lifetime PGA Tour Professional Greg Powers played in 8 US Opens, 5 PGA Championships, and 5 British Opens before a career-ending automobile accident in 1992.  He currently serves as a Director with US Kids Golf, coaching and mentoring young aspiring golfers.  He also teaches golf at TPC Sugarloaf in Atlanta, where he has been for 18 years.  

When Greg first began playing on the tour, Ping was just coming to the market.  He was approached by Ping to play their clubs, one of which had to be the putter.  Greg built a personal relationship with the founder of Ping, Karston Solheim.  Karston kept a one-on-one relationship with the original 30+ tour pros that played Ping's clubs.  Greg recounts, "I tried all of his new designs, but I didn't change putters often.  I maybe used 2 different putters my entire career."

Greg recalls the start of his relationship with GAIM Golf: "Even though my career days were over, once I got wind that there was a new putter that was so right for so many reasons, that's when Vince Henry and I became a lot closer," he says. "We would feed off of each other.  I felt like the GAIM G-360 was the best putter that I had ever put in my hands. The ball came off of the putter so pure, and it was the way it felt with distance control that was the most influential aspect that tied me to this putter.  The alignment system is 2nd-to-none.  The way the putter sets up behind the ball is very comforting and give such confidence," he continues.

To this day, Greg Powers has a special relationship with Vince and GAIM golf.   He exclaims, "The new A-365 is the putter everyone has been waiting for.  We at GAIM are looking forward to improving everyone's ability to make more puts.  We can't wait to put this putter in the hands of golfers all over the world.  They're going to make more putts and love how the putter feels.  It could not be any better than the putter that we are bringing to the table today!"