About Us

Vince Henry, Owner/Inventor

From the very beginning, Vince knew the importance of having technology built into the design of his putter to assist with aim.  Focusing on aim was the inspiration behind the company name, GAIM Golf.

The Beginning

GAIM Golf was founded in 2003 after Vince had a back injury that made retrieving the ball challenging.  He soon began designing a putter that would resolve that problem.  With the help of two friends that became investors, the initial design evolved to have an emphasis on aim, focusing on both distance control and directional control.  After immersing himself in product design and gaining knowledge from as many sources as possible, including Dr. Craig Farnsworth, known as the Putt Doctor, the G-360 was born. 

The Journey

Early success came with endorsements from PGA Golfers, Greg Powers and Mark McCumber.  The G-360 was submitted to 2 national tests, one at Golf Tests USA and one Golf Illustrated. The putter ranked #1 in Golf Tests USA and won Golf Illustrated's Best Kept Secret of the Year and Baggie Award. Vince was able to eventually meet Dr. Farnsworth, who later endorsed the G-360 and featured it in his second book, The Putting Prescription. Unfortunately, a partnership with GE that took production overseas was the wrong path, resulting in all production and momentum being lost.  In late 2010, Vince took sole ownership of GAIM Golf with the vision of bringing it back.  Inspired by all of the amazing feedback, endorsements, and awards, Vince refused to let his dream die.


Vince has spent the last several years perfecting the design and production of his putter, resulting in the new A-365, an improved version of the original, award-winning G-360.  To this day, Vince has maintained both his personal and professional relationships with Greg Powers and “Doc” Farnsworth and values their expertise. The GAIM A-365 is proudly made in the USA, and Vince is confident that you will love this new putter.

Click here to learn all about the technology encompassed in the new GAIM A-365.