The G-360 is a Two Time National Award Winning Putter!

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See what the Pros had to say about the Gaim Golf G-360!

See what the Amateurs had to say about the Gaim Golf G-360!

Dr. Craig Farnsworth "The Putt Doctor"

"This is the only putter I've ever endorsed. This is the Picasso of putters. It's the real deal."

These are comments from a Golf Illustrated testing of the Gaim Golf G-360.

Glenn B.

Zeeland, MI

The feeling of sureness of using this putter on short putts was wonderful. The putter seemed to aim itself on putts of 5 feet or less. I didn't make every putt, but I was always very near the hole, when I had the correct distance. I like the big face of the putter. but I also really appreciate the ability to pick up the ball from the hole without bending over. I have two knees that do not bend well anymore, I am 65. I had a number of fellow golfers try it. They also liked the feel of the putt as the ball hit the face of the club.

Ernie ·B. Laguna

Niguel, CA

It has good balance, feel, and set up well from the get-go. Rolled ball very well. I would highly recommend it to all golfers, including women. I would recommend it, because of the way it handles. The ball rolls well, and it set up good.

Grant B.

Eugene, OR

This is a terrific product. The overall feel is nice, the putter gives great feedback, and the many technical features are excellent. This putter makes putt alignment much easier. In fact, believe it or not, I holed a 60-foot putt on my first round with it. I WILL recommend this putter to other golfers. Mostly because it is so helpful for putt alignment. The feature that lets you pick your ball up out of the cup is very nice. Other golfers see that and immediately wish they had one! With the two alignment systems, /feel I can concentrate on my putting distance without having to worry about alignment. Also, the ball-width alignment indicator helps me by thinking about a path to the cup, instead of worrying about putting on an exact line.

Ralph B.

Frederick, MD

This putter immediately improves my putting by making it easy to line up the shot. It just feels right! It's the best putter I've ever used If I see them constantly missing putts to one side I'd definitely recommend this putter. The GAIM G360 will help them get the alignment they need to make more putts.

Glenn B.

Grand Rapids, Ml

This is an excellent tool to help reduce your putts through superior overall alignment. If you just try one, you will be amazed at how easy it is to align properly. I would recommend it because of my level of success with it right away. I am a 16 handicap who averages 36.87 putts per round After three and one half rounds, I averaged only 32.64 putts with only two three putts. I LOVE this putter! It is excellent for the price, I just felt very confident knowing I was aligned properly. I took me seven holes to remember to stop bending down to remove my ball from the cup! I almost want to keep it a secret from my fellow competitors! Also distance control was phenomenal, even off-center hits still ended closer to the hole than my old Never Compromise. It has a very, generous sweet spot and great feel. I have really enjoyed using it. I also have improved my scores. I am usually a low 80s scorer, 80 to 83, once in a while higher and once in a while lower. Since I have begun to use this putter I have had only one round in the 80s. It was an 86, but it was raining. It was the best score in our group of 8 for that day. I have had more birdies in the past month than I have had the rest of the year put together.

Howard B.

Valparaiso, IN

Although this is the first "heavy" putter I have used, it has a great feel to it and is exceptionally easy to line up with the target. I don't even have to bend down to retrieve my ball from the cup with the built in ball retriever-great for individuals with limited.flexibility. Great feel in your hands and simplicity in lining up the put increases my confidence as I stroke the ball toward the cup. I would recommend this product because of the design and/eel of the putter in use. It has a good weight/or consistent stroke, is easy to line up the putt, because of the visuals in the design and is constructed to be forgiving on off­ center strikes of the ball. And then, you don't even have to reach down into the cup to retrieve the ball since it has a retriever built in to the club. My wife really loves it!! When I first received the product, I called the company with an inquiry about a comment in their letter accompanying the putter. I was treated extremely well by all the people I talked with including the club designer, who talked at length with me about the designs considerations that resulted, in my opinion, in an exceptional product, especially for less experienced and more casual golfers. It will improve their game!

Some would say this is the best feature of our putter...

The Gaim golf G-360 picks up the ball for you! Take a look at this video to see it in action!


Putting is an art and a science. We have a handle on the science. And the more you practice with the Gaim G-360, you will master the art required to reduce the amount of three putts in your golf game.

We believe in taking care of the small things. It's what separates a good product from a great one. For this reason, we've decided keeping production local is essential to controlling the quality. We're proudly made in America.


Why do we offer a 60-day guarantee?


At Gaim Golf, we want you to buy with confidence. One of the biggest questions we get is "Will I like the feel of this putter?" 

We are so sure that you are going to love the solid composite head of the G-360 that we want to give you 60 days to play with it worry-free.  

The feedback you get at the moment of inertia will be smooth and consistent on the striking surface. Put simply, the feel of the G-360 is pure energy transfer. 

We're putting our money where our mouth is. 

We have added 12 positive changes to the classic idea of the golf putter.


Contrast is often overlooked when choosing a putter. Most putters are a medium-gray metallic color, and against medium-gray, both white and black alignment marks offer only mediocre contrast. When placed alongside other putters the Gaims’ high contrast white on black alignment system appears to be in High Definition. This seems simple, however, if you’re not focused on the alignment system - your attention will be on the ball and face of the putter. If your focus is on the ball and face, you can be misaligned by 2-3 degrees because the human eye struggles to detect such a small difference in alignment. Improving the contrast of the alignment system improves directional control.


Often putters are easier to aim without the presence of a golf ball. We see golfers (even pros) that place their putter-head in front of a ball who are attempting to overcome the problem of visual noise. The G-360 is designed to set-up very well with the presence of a golf ball. Notice, like a ball, the color of the Gaim’s alignment system is pure white. It has a center line to ensure you’re centered on the ball. There’s also a horseshoe mark that frames the ball and its path to the hole, and to promote follow-through the back of the horseshoe mark has the exact the same contour as the back of a ball. This seems clear, however - either, your alignment system - the ball - and its path to the hole are all visually synchronized, or the entire process is visually awkward. And that’s how visually synchronizing the putting process improves your directional control.


The G-360 corrects for a misaligned face angle. The problem is most putters provide very little visual assistance to square the face angle at address and are easily misaligned by 2-3 degrees. Notice the G-360 has a two-piece center line. When the front and rear lines are visually united – you know the face is aimed to within 1 degree of your target. The combination of these two lines creates an axis, in other words, you have two lines that check one another. And as a device to ensure a proper face angle at address, an axis is ideal - it’s simple, two lines are better than one. This seems obvious, however, a ball will travel to wherever the face is aimed at impact, and even a perfect stroke can’t compensate for a misaligned face angle. And that’s how a properly aligned face angle improves your directional control.


Most putters show you a line to the hole. Notice how the horse-shoe mark of G-360’s alignment system frames the ball and shows you a path to the hole. Visualizing a path to the hole causes far less tension than imagining a straight line to the hole. This seems evident, however, if your mind believes it has to putt down a perfectly straight line, the tension to be more precise will cause you to overlook the pace or speed of the putt. And that’s how visualizing a path to the hole improves your distance control.


Many putter faces contain a composite material intended to improve feel. However, the striking surface of a composite-faced putter contains both steel and composite. Therefore, it’s possible to strike a ball on either - the steel, the composite, or a combination of the two. And each will produce a different result in distance, so be aware that combining different materials is a way of improving feel at the expense of distance control. Notice that the entire body of the G-360 is a solid Tungsten Composite. It’s the first of its kind and because it is a solid composite, the energy transfer is pure and the feel is very solid. This seems natural, however, because different materials transfer energy at different rates, distance control will be less predictable with composite-faced putters. And that’s how a solid composite head improves your distance control.


The problem is most putter heads are asymmetrical, therefore, the “sweet spot” isn’t centered on the face. Technically the “sweet spot” is the Center of Gravity, which is simply the exact point at which a putter head can be balanced on its face. Missing the C.O.G. will cause the putter face to twist open or close and the ball will follow. Notice the head of the G-360 is symmetrical. So the Center of Gravity or “sweet spot” is perfectly positioned in the center of the club face. This seems understandable, however, for a putter to be reliable, a putt should be struck as close to the C.OG. as possible, but not knowing its location makes it difficult to hit. And that’s how a “centered” Center of Gravity improves your directional control.


The G-360 is low Moment of Inertia or M.O.I. The problem is low M.O.I. putters are a lot like blade type irons - they are less forgiving and require somewhat more skill because they have very small “sweet spots”. Moment of Inertia is just a fancy phrase for heel/toe weighting and is a way of gauging a putter’s stability or forgiveness on off-centered hits. Placing more mass in the heel and toe portions raises M.O.I. and by raising the M.O.I. you get larger the “sweet spot’. Notice there’s a large void in the center of the G-360 that produces a natural heel/toe weight system. This seems basic, however, by removing the unnecessary material, 80% of the Gaim’s total mass has been reallocated into its heel and toe portions. 80% is an extremely high percentage of heel/toe weighting - enough to maximize the M.O.I., which is often the difference between a near miss and a made putt. And that’s how higher Moment of Inertia improves your directional control.


Most putters are bottom weighted and have a Center of Gravity positioned well below the equator of a ball. It is well known that iron manufacturers attempt to increase loft and backspin by placing as much mass as possible below the balls equator. However, the same physics apply to putters. And unlike iron shots that are airborne, a putted ball is in constant contact with the ground surface, therefore, backspin is a problem that produces skid and affects distance control. Notice the bottom of the G-360 has a large void, which helps eliminate the problem of backspin by positioning the Center of Gravity above the balls equator. This seems fundamental, however, controlling distance starts by eliminating skid and getting your golf ball into what’s called a “true roll” as soon as possible. And that’s how a higher Center of Gravity improves your distance control.  


Most putter heads weigh an average of 320 grams and for most amateurs that's too light to promote follow-through. We know this is true because amateurs miss 80% of their putts to the right. The reason we call our putter the G-360 is because it weighs 360 grams. Notice that’s about 40 grams heavier than the average putter. Now 40 grams is approximately the weight of a golf ball, and this additional weight will help to keep the putter head on its intended path and make it less likely for you to quit on the stroke. This seems uncomplicated, however, a heavier head will always maintain its Tracking Momentum better than a lighter head. And that’s how higher Tracking Momentum improves your directional control.


Most putter designs don’t seem to consider that the putting stroke has a natural arc and do little to help close the face at impact. Notice that the Gaim is designed with 10% toe hang. It’s important to understand that in order to keep the center of gravity in the center of the face, we needed to accomplish this without placing any additional weight or mass into the toe portion. So with the help of the engineers at True Temper we created a special shaft designed to achieve what’s called a 10% toe bias.   And by working together the G-360’s shaft and head are designed to return the putter face to an accurate position. This seems apparent, however, in order to square the face at impact, the natural arc of the stroke must be completed. And that’s how a Toe Biased head improves your directional control.


Many putters have lie angles of 71 degrees or less, and for most amateurs that's too low. If a lie angle is too low, the location of the hands will be too close to the body and force the eyes away from the target line. So another reason for missing putts to the right is poor eye position, that’s actually caused by poor hand position - all because of a lie angle that doesn’t fit properly. Notice that at 72 degrees the G-360’s shaft is slightly more upright. We do this to help get your eyes directly over the target line - THIS is the critical first step to aiming. This seems sensible, however, when the hands and eyes compete for position – the eyes usually lose and must set up in a position below the target line. If your eyes are below the target line an optical illusion occurs that alters your perception of the hole location. In other words, you’ll aim right - because you’ll see right. And that’s how getting the eyes over the target line improves your directional control.


The head of the G-360 is matte-black, low-sheen and anti-glare. When sunlight reflects from the surface of a shiny metal putter head - it causes glare that can distract and interfere with your aiming. And that’s how an anti-glare head improves your directional control.

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